Management plan

Management Plan of the  Appointed RECTOR for 2016-2020

Academician Ioanel Sinescu

01 Biroul Rectorului

University – The keystone of a Doctor in European Society

In the last 4 years, UMFCD, like other public institutions functioned in dramatic conditions of the international financial crisis, which has left its mark on higher education opportunities in Romania.

Currently, it seems that policy makers, legislators and executives are concerned about providing economic levers and financial support necessary for the development of human resources with a professional level comparable with the EU. Investing in human capital is a critical component of any sustainable development strategy aimed at ensuring economic growth based on knowledge and employment.

Although UMFCD enjoys recognition and prestige in the Romanian society, recently there have been signs of hostility, dissatisfaction, which although had as its starting point the dissatisfaction generous to the overall level of health services, have affected the medical school, directly or indirectly, on us all. This is why I think it appropriate that the future mandate to focus on social communication, and on regaining the UNIVERSITY and DOCTOR’s place in society. We are particularly concerned about people, patients, general population, providing training for undergraduate and postgraduate education at european level, performing cutting edge research – with results capable of implementation, leading the school into the community, as partners, not only officials in health services, together we can restore the well deserved status and prestige of the entire Romanian medical body at European and international level.

The Management Plan for the 2012-2016 mandate aimed centring the University acticity on EXCELLENCE. I appreciate that it is time to obtain another academic management based on COMPETITIVITY, providing premises for building the infrastructure of a university of the XXI century, worthy of Europe.


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