Board of trustees

Board of Trustees Structure

 1. Board of Trustees President – Rector Acad. Ioanel Sinescu
 2. Prorector – for undergraduate and Master’s studies Prof. MD Ecaterina Ionescu
 3. Prorector – for postgraduate studies Prof. MD Catalina Poiana
 4. Prorector– scientific research Prof. MD Dragos Vinereanu
 5. Prorector – with student’s problems Prof. MD Viorel Jinga
 6. Prorector for european and international cooperation Prof. MD Bogdan-Ovidiu Popescu
 7. Prorector for institutional strategy, academic evaluation and quality Prof. MD Dana Galieta Mincă
 8. Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. MD Catalin Cârstoiu
 9. Dean of Faculty of Dentistry Senior Lecturer MD Paula Perlea
 10. Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. MD Doina Drăgănescu
 11. Dean of Faculty of Midwifes and Nursing Senior Lecturer MD Nicoleta Măru
 12. PhD University Studies Council Director Prof. MD Dumitru Lupuleasa
 13. General Administrative Director Ec. Doina Crișan-Hăbean
 14. 1 student representative  

Board’s meetings


Decision no. 3 Decision no. 4 Decision no. 5 Decision no. 6 Decision no. 7 Decision no. 8 Decision no. 9 Decision no. 10