Testimonial of Aymeric Duminil




Full Name: Aymeric Duminil

Country of origin – France




  1. Why did you choose UMFCD?

My choice was based on the potential of the diploma. In this case it allows us to travel across Europe to continue our studies and work almost where we want to within this political continent. This provides an enjoyable feeling of freedom for career choices.

  1. What has been the most academically challenging for you?

Perhaps it was the fact that I had to adapt to a more practical type of educational approach than I was used to in my country in which, for example, the first year is taught by memorizing slides. Here in Romania, for example, having a cadaver for anatomy helps greatly with 3D visualisation and understanding of human anatomy. So in the end, what was first challenging became a positive strength of this university.

  1. Would you recommend this university to other students and why?

For students with a greater taste of understanding and slow learning for better assimilation rather than binge studying and memorizing facts I would recommend them indeed to give the adventure a chance. In addition the clinical cases seen in Romania can be so extreme and interesting that you really get into the heart of medicine quickly in a way that one would probably not encounter in a western European hospital.

  1. What has surprised you in Romania?

I was surprised about the importance given to attendance of the students and the benefits this can have as it allows for less people to fall behind and can stimulate participation and learning, if one is willing to play along.

  1. Do you think that your experience in Romania will help you in the future?

I would have said no a few years back before starting to put things into perspective. However, in addition to learning about a new mentality, a new culture and a new language, this experience builds character, it stimulates bonds between people from various social, cultural and religious backgrounds and enriches humanly each and every one of them in a modern 21st century way. So in addition to opening the mind a little bit more, I believe my experience in Romania can go a long way indeed.

  1. During your studies in Romania, which was the moment that you enjoyed the most?

Romania, as well as Bucharest, has much to offer to visit or escape from the frantic rhythm that capitals tend to provide. The parks are particularly nice during the sunny and warm summer, but also beautifully redecorated for the first snowflakes of winter. One can also choose to take the train and disappear for a weekend to the mountains. In short there is no one moment that I have enjoyed the most, I enjoy mostly the multiplicity of moments that can bring joy.