Building a community of academic knowledge, communication, openness and efficiency, is the emblem of the nucleus of university medical education, whom we formed and want to improve continuously, adapting it permanently to the needs and requirements of Romanian society and the international academic community .
Providing high-class educational and medical research represents our commitment to the beneficiaries of the academic and educational process and underlies the entire management system implemented by UMPCD, in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001: 2008.

We want to generate and transfer knowledge to society by taking the following objectives:

  • a) training and developing of qualified human resources, respectively, highly qualified and prepared for the complex field of health services;
  • b) improve our continuous quality learning and teaching processes, analyzing and monitoring the work of teachers through a sustained research effort to find the best solutions oriented to the final beneficiaries of health services;
  • c) scientific and cultural development in the field of bio-medical;
  • d) participation in the universal development of bio-medical sciences;
  • e) national scientific affirmation of the values ​​in the field and European and international integration;
  • f) continuing in compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the university education system

The strategic objectives for improving the quality of the university medical education and research are established by the University Management Program 2016- 2020.

Management at the highest level of UMPCD assumes full responsibility to ensure all material and human resources necessary for the best operation and continuous improvement management system implemented and the objectives set.