The Erasmus + Office from the European and International Cooperation Office is responsible for organizing the Erasmus Contest, granting Erasmus student grants, granting Erasmus teacher grants, managing Erasmus inter-institutional agreements, Erasmus Incoming Mobility Management and Management, and the relation with ANPCDEFP and the financial part of the Erasmus program.


  1. organizing and carrying out the activities necessary for the development of the program of study mobility and traineeship for students, and teaching for academics within the ERASMUS + program - the action mobility for university education
  2. closing bilateral agreements on the basis of which Erasmus + mobility is taking place
  3. Selection of participants (outgoing mobility) in the Erasmus + mobility program through the annual organization of the Erasmus Contest
  4. Selection of participants (incoming mobility) by analyzing the application dossiers submitted by the students nominated by the partner universities
  5. Realizing the necessary documents for the smooth running of outgoing and incoming mobilities (study contracts, financial contracts, application forms, certificates, etc.)
  6. Selection of academics participating in the mobility program by analyzing the files submitted by them
  7. Carries out activities to support students and academics in making the  applications submitted to partner universities by providing advice on completing the required documents and issuing the documents requested by the partner universities
  8. Management of the Erasmus grant funds allocated annually for the three main types of expenditure: student mobility (study and training), academic mobility (teaching and training) and funding for mobility organization;
  9. Maintaining the functional relationship with the Faculties Dean's regarding the participation of students and academics in the ERASMUS program through consulting and issuing the required documents;
  10. Participation in the process of equivalence and recognition of periods of mobility and of grades / credits obtained by students by making the necessary documents for this process.

Contact data

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest, Rectorate – International Relations, Dionisie Lupu Str., No. 37, 020021 Bucharest, Romania

Tel. / Fax :
+40 21 318 0723


ERASMUS Coordinator

ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator

  • Professor Bogdan-Ovidiu Popescu, MD, PhD
  • E-mail:

ERASMUS Responsible

ERASMUS Responsible

  • Dr. Ana Vatasescu-Balcan
  • Secretary: Patricia Mitrache
  • E-mail: or