• Developing communication with other universities in the country and outside the country in order to improve processes of education, research and innovation in the medical field.
  • Developing partnerships based on the universal values of education and research with public institutions and private entities which have defined interests in improving health and health services, in the context of the UE promoted principle “Health in al Politics”
  • Developing student exchange programs through projects like Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, and also through transatlantic and transboundary cooperation;
  • Participation in international scientific events;
  • Improving the website-permanent update, raising the communication/ visibility level of the public interest information;
  • Developing research projects in common with other universities from abroad;
  • Organizing scientific manifestations in common with other universities from abroad;
  • Developing transuniversitary programs and joint educational programs with other universities abroad;
  • Student /teachers exchanges;