Scientific research centers of UMPCD

  1. Center of Urological Surgery, Dialysis and Renal Transplantation – Fundeni – Acad. Ioanel Sinescu
  1. Center for Gastroenterology and Hepatology – Fundeni, Prof. MD Mircea Diculescu
  2. Center of Radiology, Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine – Fundeni,  Senior Lecturer MD Ioana Lupescu
  3. Research Center for Biophysics and Cell Biotechnology –Prof. MD Eugenia Kovacs
  4. Research Center in Onco-Hematology – Prof. MD Constantin Arion
  5. Research Center for Cardiovascular Emergencies Diagnosis and Treatment
  6. Diagnosis and Therapy Center of Acute Chest Pain – Prof. MD Maria Dorobantu
  7. Center for Research in cardiology and screening of the population with risk factors and cardiac dysfunction – Univ. Em. Hospital Bucharest – Prof. MD Dragos Vinereanu
  1. Research Center for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of haematological malignancies – Prof. MD Daniel Coriu
  2. Center for Research in Pathology and Treatment of Systemic Rheumatic Disease-  Sf. Maria Cl. Hospital– Prof. MD Ruxandra Ionescu
  3. Neuroscience Research Center– Prof. MD Leon Zagrean
  4. Research Center fundamental and clinical oncology – Prof. MD Rodica Anghel
  5. Center of General Surgery and Liver Transplant – Fundeni – Prof. MD Irinel Popescu
  6. Dermatologic Research Laboratory – National Institute of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases “Paulescu”– C.S. Daniel Boda
  7. Research Center Department of Surgery II – Sf. Maria Cl. Hospital– Senior Lecturer MD Narcis Copca
  8. Computing and Computational Medicine Center – Prof. MD Eugen Bratucu
  9. The research team of the 4 Endocrinology project – C.I. Parhon Institute – Senior Lecturer MD Corin Badiu
  10. Research team – Internal Medicine – Coltea Hospital– Prof. MD Ion Victor Bruckner
  11. Research team “Programme Framework 7 Cadru 7 – PROMARK”–  Burghele Urology Hospital– Prof. MD Viorel Jinga
  1. Research Center in Public Health - Prof. MD Dana Galieta Mincă