Research Department


  • Professor Florian Popa, MD, PhD
  • Professor Ioan Lascar, MD, PhD
  • Academician Ioanel Sinescu
  • Professor Alexandru Ispas, MD, PhD
  • Professor Alexandru Bucur, MD,PhD
  • Professor Ileana Chirita, MD, PhD
  • Associate Professor Adriana Colita, MD, PhD
  • Professor Ion Bruckner, MD, PhD
  • Professor Constantin Mircioiu, MD, PhD
  • Professor Constantin Arion, MD, PhD
  • Professor Adrian Streinu-Cercel, MD, PhD
  • Researcher I Eva Katona, MD, PhD
  • Professor Constantinescu Ileana, MD, PhD
  • Lecturer Robert Ancuceanu, MD, PhD
  • Cheif Secretary Adrian Stanescu

Department structure

Head Office: Ec. Cecilia Nita
Economists: Mihaela Ban, Ioana Ciupitu, Mariana Nicolescu, Maria Elena Ionita, Florentina Barbu, Ionel Vasile
IT Specialist:Daniela Petre


  • Documents required in the procurement process – located in the main page RESOURCES
  • IC6 Report 2009: Quality indicator of research 2009
  • Self Evaluation Report 2006-2010

The objectives of The Research Department activities consist:

  • maintaining contact with the financing institutions of the national scientific research programs;
  • informing academic staff regarding: active program of scientific research, the timing of actions, calls for proposals on a national level, changes in the structure of programs, formulation of drafting or reporting and evaluation, eligibility requirements, laws and rules implementing projects;
  • operation and updating of the University database;
  • organizing and participating in the manifestations such as “working meeting” in the field of scientific research programs;
  • mentaining contact with institutions involved in medical research: Romanian Academy, C.N.C.S.I.S., Ministry of Education, A.N.C.S., scientific research departments in other universities: U.M.F. Timisoara, U.M.F. Cluj, U.M.F. Iasi, A.S.E., U.P.B. and so on;
  • contacting the responsible persons for research activity in order to make statistics on research projects, equipment (fixed assets and inventory) at the department level and discipline, and organizing of scientific events at UMPCD;
  • collecting the data required for the preparation of self-evaluation report of UMPCD;
  • centralization and data processing on accreditation / certification of the institution;
  • creating a web portal ( on university page specialized in research projects management issues, academic research funding opportunities;
  • can design the research findings from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest thus ensuring transparency and visibility.