Bucharest Society of Pharmacy Students

The Bucharest Society of Pharmacy Students (hereafter referred to by the acronym SSFB, according to their romanian designation) is an independent, apolitical and non-profit student organization that works within the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, in Bucharest.

The purpose of this society, defined by its statute, is to defend the interests of young students from the Faculty of Pharmacy in scientific, social and cultural domains. It is an independent organization from the Faculty of Pharmacy, but maintains close cooperative relations with this and also with other professional or student organizations from the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry.


  • 1895 –  Bucharest Society of Pharmacy Students is founded;
  • 1947 – SSFB is abusively abolished by the communist regime;
  • 12 December 1991 – a memorandum is signed to revive SSFB;
  • April 1994 – within the framework of the 17th edition of the EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association) Annual Congress, Budapest, SSFB joined as a full member of this European Association;
  • December 1999 – SSFB organizes its first edition of the Student Scientific Sessions;
  • November 2001 – SSFB organizes its first student exchange. Five students from  Bucharest depart for Ljubljana (Slovenia) for a week as part of the EPSA-Twin program;
  • October 2002 – SSMB members form the secretariat of the 7th edition of the National Congress of Pharmacy.
  • November 2002 – The second part of the EPSA-Twin program takes place and SSFB hosts nine students from Slovenia;
  • April 2003 – SSFB is chosen to host the 28th edition of the EPSA Annual Congress (18 to 24 April 2005);
  • November 2003 – SSFB becomes a full member of the Union of Romanian Students (URS);
  • December 2003 – the first anti-AIDS campaign takes place successfully;
  • March 2004 – SSFB becomes a full member of FASFR (Federation of Associations of Pharmacy Students in Romania), after joining as an associate in November 2003;
  • May 2004 – the first edition of the national student exchange program INTERFARMA takes place;
  • 18-24 April 2005 – The biggest event in the history of SSFB – the 28th EPSA Annual Congress which brings together over 200 participants from all over Europe – was held in Bucharest and Sinaia.
  • April 2006 – URS divides into two national student organizations: URS and UNSR (the National Union of Romanian Students). SSFB is considered a founding member of the UNSR.
  • March 2007 – SSFB participates in a student exchange program, Threen, alongside Slovenia (the host of the program’s first edition) and Greece;
  • August 2007 – the first edition of the SSFB Summer School is held in Predeal;
  • November 2007 – UNSR organizes the first edition of “Public Health Symposium” under the aegis of “Studenţiada”;
  • December 2007 – SSFB hosts the first stage of the student exchange program, Threen, with the participation of Spain and Slovenia.
  • August 2008 – SSFB organizes the second edition of the Summer School, in Costineşti. The theme of this event is “Addiction”;
  • December 2008 – SSFB hosts the first edition of the program of social aid “Prescribe a smile”, at St. Paul’s Orphanage;
  • August 2009 – SSFB organizes the third edition of the Summer School, “The Communication with the patient. Patient counseling in pharmacy ” at Bran;
  • October 2009 – SSFB participates with the public health campaign “Vitamins and nutritional supplements” in „Studenţiada”, a UNSR project;
  • April 2010 – SSFB organizes the National Congress of Pharmacy Students having the theme: “Current Trends in the development of new pharmaceutical products”;
  • August 2011 – SSFB organizes the fourth edition of the Summer School  “Ethnobotanicals – STOP!”, in Neptun.
  • October 2011 – the project Quatrino “Stop, WeeDream” hosted12 participants from Portugal, Latvia and Turkey, in Romania;
  • August 2012 –  EPSA Summer University is organized for the first time by SSFB, with the participation of 120 students from all over the Europe, the theme being “Shaping future pharmacists. Optimizing care “.


Members:Any student or graduate (young people up to a maximum of 2 years after graduation) of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bucharest, regardless of nationality, can enroll as a member of SSFB and can be chosen in a leading position of the society.

General Assembly:The Members’ General Assembly is the senior managerial body of the society and takes place once a year in May. The purpose is to present activity reports, elect the new department coordinators and a new Executive Committee, as well as to set up projects for the next year.

Executive Committee:SSFB management is accomplished by an Executive Committee comprising five positions: the President, the Vice President of Internal Affairs, the Vice President of External Affairs, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

In addition to the Executive Committee, SSFB includes the following departments: Public Relations, IT, Student Exchange, Public Health, Education and Pharmaceutical Practice, Human Resources, Publications.