Audit and Quality Assurance Compartment


  • Assures specialized assistance for the departments regarding the fulfillment of the indicators stipulated in the ARACIS Methodology for the accreditation of the University;
  • Collaborates with university specialists to meet, implement and maintain ISO standards: 9001 - Quality Management Systems.


  • Performs missions in any structure of the University involved in educational, research or university life activities.
  • Performs the audit plan approved by the Rector and presents audit reports to the Rector within the deadlines stipulated in the plan.
  • Provides technical - managerial assistance to any University structure that requests it.
  • Report management to the operation of the quality management system and any need for improvement.


Prof. MD Dana – Galieta Mincă, Vice-Rector for institutional strategy, academic evaluation and quality 

Secretary Corina – Gabriela Popescu