Dental Medicine Students’ League in Bucharest

DMSLB is a non-profit, independent, apolitical, socio-professional organisation, created to defend the rights and interests of the students from the Faculty of Dentistry, regardless of sex, religion, nationality or political affiliation.

The Association’s Leadership

  1. The Association conducts General Meetings, which assemble twice a year in ordinary sessions and, additionally, whenever it is required.
  2. Between the two ordinary General Meeting sessions, the Association is led by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee
Chapter 3.1 – General Statement
Art. 1. The Executive Committee guides the activity of the Association between two General Meeting assemblies, at the beginning of which the Executive Committee provides an activity report.
Art. 2. The DMSLB Executive Committee is made up of 5 members, elected by the DMSLB at

  • General Meetings:
  • President
  • Vice-President
    General Secretary
  • Project Manager
  • Treasurer

Art. 3. The DMSLB Executive Committee meets twice a month or whenever it is necessary. The activity and decisions taken during these meetings are recorded in a report by the General Secretary of DMSLB and are passed on to the Series Representatives’ assembly, Permanent Committee Coordinators assembly, Permanent Committee’s assembly within 5 days of the meeting. The meetings are convened by the President, together with the other members of the Executive Committee.

Art. 4. The quorum required for a valid meeting of the Executive Committee is 3 members. If the quorum is not met for 2 consecutive meetings (scheduled one day apart, minimally) an Executive Committee meeting can become valid regardless of the number of attending members.

Art. 5. The decisions of the Executive Committee are taken when half plus one of its members agree on a matter. In case of a tie, the President gives the decisive vote.

Art. 6. The Executive Committee can suspend the coordinators of the Local Standing Committees, Support Division Heads, and also the DMSLB Project Managers, with respect to the conditions of this Regulation.

Art. 7. Can name an interim that can fill a free post in the Association.

Art. 8. State the intention of affiliation or association to the General Meeting.

Art. 9. Settles the Development Strategy of DMSLB for the rest of the mandate, in maximum 2 months from the election.

Art. 10. Validates/invalidates the Project and Programme Managers.

Chapter 3.2 – The President

  • Conducts relations with a third party.
  • Validly signs documents, contracts, transactions, draws up administrative documents, receives legacies, donations and facilities, signs agreements.
  • Signs the mail of DMSLB, internal administrative documents.
  • Assumes the DMSLB’s obligations and represents DMSLB before Justice and other authorities.
  • Makes expenses up to 3000 RON, provided that he/she will inform the Executive Committee during the next session.
  • Ensures the communication with the Series Representatives through notices and events.
  • Checks the living standards of the students regarding the dorms, canteen, classrooms, including through registering and supervising the consumables.
  • Represents the members of DMSLB in social issues, accommodation, canteen, library committees and other administration bodies.
  • Supervises issues regarding the admission and residency exams.
  • Supervises the ongoing activities of DMSLB.

Candidate’s Profile:

  • active volunteer in DMSLB for 2 years
  • Project Management experience
  • experience in coordinating Student Organisations
  • experience in representing the DMSLB in partner National Federations
  • it is recommended to be a Series Representative, member of the Faculty of Dental Medicine Council and UMF Senate.

Chapter 3.3 – The Vice-president

  • Is in charge of coordinating and maintaining the national and international affairs, contacts, exchanges and projects involving other organisations.
  • Is responsible for starting new contacts, exchanges and projects involving other organisations,
  • Supports the President with his/her activities.
  • Takes on the functions of the President, in case he/she quits, is fired or cannot fulfil his/her responsibilities.
  • Represents the image of DMSLB, when it comes to Media, Advertising and Branding in collaboration with the Support Divisions.
  • Carries out fund raising activities for DMSLB.

Candidate’s Profile:

  • active volunteer in DMSLB for 1 year
  • Project Management experience
  • representing experience in National Federations
  • Student’s Scientific Activities management experience

Chapter 3.4 – The General Secretary

  • Collects/draws up reports of the Executive Committee and General Meeting.
  • Is responsible for organising the documents of DMSLB, archiving them and facilitating access to the assembly of Series Representatives, the assembly of Permanent Committee Coordinators, and the assembly of Permanent Committees.
  • Organises elections of Series Representatives, in collaboration with The General Meeting of the Series Representatives.
  • Keeps track of Series Representatives and project coordinators.
    Sends invitations to General Meetings of DMSLB.
  • Edits and distributes the agenda of the General Meeting, the assembly of Series Representatives, the assembly of Permanent Committee Coordinators, and the assembly of Permanent Committees.
  • Runs the procedures for the legalization of DMSLB documents.
  • Supervises secretary activity in DMSLB.
  • Supports the President in maintaining the link between Series Representatives and DMSLB.
  • Organises the elections of DMSLB project coordinators, in collaboration with the department coordinators.

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Active volunteer in DMSLB for 1 year
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic technical-administrative knowledge
  • It is recommended to be a Series Representative

Chapter 3.5. -The Project Manager

  • Centralises reports on projects at an interval of at least 6 months, and presents a general report to the Executive Committee, the assembly of Permanent Committee Coordinators, and the assembly of Permanent Committees.
  • Plans project work periods at the beginning of each semester, in collaboration with the permanent committee coordinators.
  • Supervises and evaluates activities in the permanent committees and in projects initiated by DMSLB.
  • Facilitates the organization and elaboration of documents in project activities (ex. partnerships, volunteering contracts, project presentations, project development strategies, etc).
  • Creates a report model for project coordinators.
  • Undertakes activities to promote projects.

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Active volunteer in DMSLB for 2 years.
  • Coordinator of at least 2 projects, plus 3 additional projects with participation as volunteer.
  • Experience in collaboration with institutional partners.

Chapter 3.6 – The Treasurer

  • Is responsible for DMSLB revenue collection, preservation and archiving of financial documents; provides account management and ensures relationship with the bank.
  • Keeps a receipt book and a sales book which will issue receipts or bills for all cash amounts received by DMSLB.
  • Collaborates with the accountant; together they draw up official financial-accounting documents.
  • Draws up a monthly written report on income and expenditure and presents it to the Executive Committee
  • The treasurer is directly responsible for the irregularities that occur during activity.
  • Ensures the relationship with project coordinators, in order to develop and execute project budgets and financial reports, and notifies the Executive Committee of irregularities that occur.
  • Checks the accuracy of protocols for settlements for the travel of DMSLB members (congresses, meetings, etc).
  • Ensures a proper administration of DMSLB headquarters.
  • Develops a financial report model for DMSLB coordinators.
  • Centralises quarterly financial reports of DMSLB projects.

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Active volunteer in DMSLB for 1 year.
  • Experience with budgets and management of DMSLB project funds.
  • Basic financial-accounting knowledge.
  • Minimum average grade of 8.