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Direction structure


STUDY DOCUMENTS SERVICE carries out according to the legislation in force the activities of management, completion and issuance of the study papers issued by  University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest.

Provides relationships and assistance to those interested, including by phone.

General activities

The specific activities taking place in the Studies papers section are:

- Issuing diplomas:

  1. bachelor degree;
  2. phd degree;
  3. graduation;
  4. master.

- Issuing the diploma sheets / supplements to the diploma;

- Releasing Analytical Programs;

- Issue of certificates of:

  1. diploma authentication for the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research;
  2. confirmation studies for the Ministry of Health;
  3. various (at graduate's request)

- Issuing duplicates at:

  1. diploma (bachelor, phd, graduation, master)
  2. the matriculation sheet / the supplement to the diploma;
  3. phd degree;

- Confirming the authenticity of the study documents of UMPCD graduates at the request of the authorities: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of National Education and Research, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Embassy, ​​the Judges and the Office of International Relations

- Drawing up various situations requested by M.E.N.C.Ş.;

- Providing relationships and assistance to those interested, including by phone;

- Drawing up the decisions and minutes of the meetings of the Council of Administration and the Senate;

- Daily check of electronic mail, printing of materials and transmission of documents in attention of university management, of documents addressed to the university.

Head of Office: Mariana Matyas



Ensures the visibility of public interest information, manages communication channels with academics, PhD students, M.E.N.C.S. and performs all the work necessary for the proper course of activity.
General Activities:

  • Admission:
    - management at the level of the Doctoral School Secretariat of the whole process of admission to doctoral studies.
    - centralizing the applications submitted by the doctoral supervisor;
    - publication of the methodology, timetable and admission fees on the university website;
    - enrollment for the admission exam;
    - showing the results;
    - registration of doctoral students;
    - signing the contract.
  • PhD student schooling
    - managing the PhD student during the entire study period.
  • Presentation of THE DOCTORAL THESIS
    - management at the level of the Doctoral School's secretariat of the whole process of supporting doctoral theses.
    - checking the file;
    - Presence within the department / discipline of the doctoral supervisor;
    - verification of the doctoral thesis in the similarity program approved by M.E.N.C.S .;
    - issuance of the decision to appoint the members of the public support commission;
    - fix the date of public support;
    - uploading on the platform and sending PhD theses at M.E.N.C.S. for entering the evaluation procedure at CNATDCU level;
    - issuing of the diploma after the order from M.E.N.C.S.
    - support in managing the organization and the process of obtaining the attestation certificate.
  • RESPONSES TO M.E.N.C.S requests regarding the evidence of the Romanian and foreign PhD students, on university years and the records of the doctoral supervisors, up to date.

Head Secretary of Doctoral School: Florentina Gherghiceanu


Foreign Students Office deals with enrollment for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (residency) of foreign citizens.


  • Proposes to the Board of Trustees / Senate the amount of tuition fees and periods of enrollment for foreign students;
  • Forwarding for approval to the Board of Trustees / Senate the enrollment periods for foreign students;
  • Evaluates the files of foreign students according to the legal regulations in force and communicates to M.E.N.C.S. - the General Directorate for International Relations and European Affairs, and the National Center for Equivalence and Diploma Recognition, the list of the proposed candidates for the issue of the Letter of Acceptance, respectively the certificates for the recognition of the studies, the documents on the basis of which the registration for bachelor studies can be made;
  • Submits to the university management approval of proposals for the termination of student status for failure to pay the school fees, abandoning studies and communicating in writing to the Deans, the Financial Direction and the Social Direction and other interested services, the decision of the university management to be registered and to take legal measures ;
  • Submits to the university management the approval of the temporary or permanent interruption of studies, the extension of schooling for medical reasons and communicates in writing to the departments of the Financial Direction and the Social Direction the decision of the university management to be registered and to take legal measures;
  • Submits the approval of the university management to the situation of the foreign students declared repetitive after the session overdue, to decide on the legal measures to be communicated to the Deans, the Financial Direction and the Social Direction for operating in the records and taking legal measures (scholarships, continuation of studies on account own currencies, if they wish, removal from the educational process, accounting and dormitories, etc.);
  • Issuance to students, if they have paid fees, certificates (forms) requested by the authorities of the countries of origin or Embassies of these countries, to other institutions;
  • Performs the formalities for issuing residence visas in Romania through the General Inspectorate for Immigration (I.G.I.);
  • Performs various statistics requested by M.E.N.C.S., I.G.I. (Passports), other state institutions;
  • Performs all enrollment, payment of study fees, cessation and eventual regaining of student status;
  • Provides public relations regarding enrollment of foreign nationals, tuition fees, necessary study papers, etc .;
  • Performs the formalities for the detachment of residents at various hospitals in order to carry out the traineeships provided in the "Training Curriculum";
  • Respond to letters sent by public institutions, Embassies, etc.
  • Submits documents to foreign doctors for registration;
  • Draws up the certificates for the foreign physicians participating in the residence (for the Romanian authorities, the authorities of the country of origin, Embassies, etc.);
  • Issuing evidence of the payment of all tuition fees  at the completion of post-graduate residency courses, prior to enrollment in the specialist examination, (for physicians participating in the residency - on own currency exchange)
  • Propose to the Board of  Trustees/ Senate the amount of tuition fees and the periods of enrollment for resident doctors.

Head of Foreign Students Office: MARIAN FRÂNCULESCU



In the process of implementation and ongoing projects with European financing, where the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” is itself the beneficiary / partner, the Office of Management and Implementation of Projects Financed from Structural Funds acts as support and assistance in relation of the project management teams and UMPCD.



  • BMIPFFS staff is responsible for managing projects financed through grants:
  • Manages projects type OP implemented in UMPCD;
  • Monitors applications submitted for financing in order to avoid double funding;
  • Centralizes and archives contracts funding won that will be submitted by project managers in original at BMIPFFS;
  • Centralizes and archives financing applications, partnership agreement, budget summary, detailed budget and summary tables of management teams and focus groups;
  • It creates a database of all European funded projects implemented or under implementation;
  • Monitors the implementation of reimbursement requests and specific documents of the financier and contractual aspects of change;
  • At request, project managers seek clarification for expenses incurred in the project and declared ineligible on the situation which led to reimburse expenses;
  • Monitors and verifies status of projects under implementation in the University;
  • Publishes on the University website all ads related to ongoing projects to ensure transparency.


Head of Office: Silviu Dumitru PAUN



  • Maintains and develops inter-university agreements with other countries.
  • Organizes the mobility of teachers, researchers and students moving abroad with professional tasks.
  • Coordinates European Union programs as well as other international programs to which the University has adhered and appoints faculty representatives.
  • It disseminates information on the equivalence of study diplomas in the European Union and other countries and participates in the implementation of the measures imposed by the European Union regulations in the University.


  • Check all the data entered on the mobility request form;
  • Issues the travel decision according to the legislation in force and university’s own regulations;
  • Saves evidence of travel decisions in the country and abroad during university activities.
  • Checks all the data entered on the Application for authentication of the study papers and the attached documents;
  • Issuing authenticated and translated study papers;
  • Keeps records of transmitted documents.

Secretary Corina – Gabriela Popescu

Secretary Patricia – Andreea Mitrache



The Erasmus + Office from the European and International Cooperation Office is responsible for organizing the Erasmus Contest, granting Erasmus student grants, granting Erasmus teacher grants, managing Erasmus inter-institutional agreements, Erasmus Incoming Mobility Management and Management, and the relation with ANPCDEFP and the financial part of the Erasmus program.


  • organizing and carrying out the activities necessary for the development of the program of study mobility and traineeship for students, and teaching for academics within the ERASMUS + program - the action mobility for university education
  • closing bilateral agreements on the basis of which Erasmus + mobility is taking place
  • Selection of participants (outgoing mobility) in the Erasmus + mobility program through the annual organization of the Erasmus Contest
  • Selection of participants (incoming mobility) by analyzing the application dossiers submitted by the students nominated by the partner universities
  • Realizing the necessary documents for the smooth running of outgoing and incoming mobilities (study contracts, financial contracts, application forms, certificates, etc.)
  • Selection of academics participating in the mobility program by analyzing the files submitted by them
  • Carries out activities to support students and academics in making the  applications submitted to partner universities by providing advice on completing the required documents and issuing the documents requested by the partner universities
  • Management of the Erasmus grant funds allocated annually for the three main types of expenditure: student mobility (study and training), academic mobility (teaching and training) and funding for mobility organization;
  • Maintaining the functional relationship with the Faculties Dean's regarding the participation of students and academics in the ERASMUS program through consulting and issuing the required documents;
  • Participation in the process of equivalence and recognition of periods of mobility and of grades / credits obtained by students by making the necessary documents for this process.

 Patricia Mitrache

Dr. Ana Vătășescu-Balcan

Contact –

For incoming –

For outgoing –


Ensures the organization of the archive deposit of the  University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest according to the archives law and according to established criteria.


  • Documents, edits and issues the necessary certificates to the graduates of UMPCD for the Pension House at their request.
  • Verifies and takes from the structure of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest "Carol Davila", based on the inventory and the surrender-receipt report, the filed files.
  • Ensures records of all documents entered and exits from the archive repository.
  • Informs the management of the  University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest and proposes measures to ensure the proper preservation of the archive.
  • Issues, with the approval of the Head Secretary of the University, copies of the archived documents.

Ec. Băluțoiu Gheorghe

General activities

The Registry of the UMPCD is the department that ensures the direct relationship of the institution with the public, receives, records, centralizes and distributes according to the content, the documents transmitted from the departments of the university and from other institutions.  

 Contact: Ștefănescu Florica – 021/318.07.22