Discipline - General and Esophageal Surgery - St. Mary's Clinical Hospital

Professor Constantinoiu Silviu Marian, PhD tenured
Associate Professor Mates Ioan Nicolae, PhD tenured
Associate Professor Predescu Dragos-Valentin, PhD tenured
Associate Professor Birla Rodica Daniela, PhD tenured
Head of works Hoara Petru-Angel, PhD tenured
Head of works Constantin Adrian, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Dinu Daniela Elena, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Gindea Cristina, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Achim Ion Florin, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Gheorghe Mircea, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Moraru Alex-Claudiu, PhD fixed term

With the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in 1867, the education, training and didactic activities of new specialists in healthcare has experienced a steadily upward trend, both in terms of the number of graduates who have gone through university and in terms of the quality of their training. In order to meet the increasing number of students while also improving instruction thereof, the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy (1948), taking into account the need increasing medical staff with higher education and the diversification of medical specialties, has established new clinics in the hospitals from Bucharest. Thus first clinic of the Hospital "Vasile Roaită" (at the time, later "Griviţa") was born.

Since 1965, the Hospital "Griviţa" has a section for general surgery, with the arrival of Doctor. Dan Gerota as head of department, distinguished personality of contemporary Romanian surgery, is gradually becoming a center for surgical Romanian tradition in the world. Another personality of the department's is Doctor Tiberiu Ghiţescu (unoficially, but in reality one of the first pioneering of cardiovascular surgery in Romania, under the patronage and guidance of the renowned academician Professor Dr. Nicholas Hortolomei from “Coltea” Hospital.

As a consequence of surgical and research exceptional activities, since 1978, the Department of Surgery from "Griviţa" Hospital (current St. Mary) becomes the General Surgery Clinic "Griviţa", of the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, under the leadership of Associate Professor Anghel.

Excellent cooperation with the Medical Clinic (formerly of Gastroenterology) with the ENT Clinic (Professor D.Sarafoleanu) and with an exceptional radiology department allows the approach of a wide range of benign esophageal pathology. Since 1984, Assistant Professor M.Soare takes theleadership of the clinic. In addition to the continuation and strengthening of surgical activity, including esophageal, for a good educational activity new posts are established in the clinic, aiming at boosting and modernizing the continuously updated teaching process and,  despite the difficult times in terms the possibility of instruction and information.

With the revolution of 1989, major changes in Romanian society, regardless of the field, are felt in academia. Taking over the management of the clinic in 1992 by Professor S.Constantinoiu occurs precisely on this new favorable context, opening new perspectives in all three directions specific to an academic medical clinic: education - healthcare - research.

Since 2002, the name of the hospital changes to The General Surgery Clinic of "St. Mary”, Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, and the surgery clinic, taking into account the profile of the surgical approach,  changes its name to the General and Esophageal Surgery Clinic "St. Maria "(2005).

The Clinic’s activity throughout this period (1978-2013) was conducted on a tripod essential to any prestigious university clinic: education - healthcare - research - and has seen a constant process of improvement in all three directions.

Given the University Senate’s Decision dated 31.01.2014, Rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" decided that with effect from 2.1.2014, the establishment of the Center of  Excellence in Esophageal Surgery , Clinical Department 10, Department of General and Esophageal Surgery, St. Mary Hospital (decision no. 2424 / 01.31.2016) and Professor  Silviu Constantinoiu MD becomes director by the order of the Rector of "Carol Davila" University, number 2472 / 31.01.2014).

Although the fundamentals of esophageal surgery in hospital "St. Mary" were placed for 30, the clinic knew its true development, and arguably even maturity in the last 15 years after a young and ambitious team to set up a center for the upper digestive pole surgery, a place where specialists are able to solve these difficult issues involving health and multidisciplinary cooperation between different medical branches.

This center is the natural result of the development of new surgical specialties, along with general surgery, each of which contributes substantially to raising the level of difficulty and technicality of surgery performed in the clinic.

Following consistent efforts physical and material, most often through own resources,  the first national surgical center for esophageal surgery was set up, covering the full range of esophageal surgery pathology.

The experience gained in the General and Esophageal Surgery Clinic "St. Mary" is amply proven by the portfolio of addressed esophageal topics. Thus, alone in the last 5 years in the clinic were diagnosed and treated 640 cases of patients with esophageal cancers (both adenocarcinoma and scuomo-cell cancers), 164 patients with cancers of the esophageal-gastric junction or miscellaneous benign disease - 578 cases.

The establishment in the clinic, thrugh funding sources from research grants, of an investigation laboratory, allowed the clinic to be one of the best centers in the country for:

  • Introduction of esophageal manometry in the diagnosis of esophageal motility disorders;
  • Introduction of pHmetry in the diagnosis of reflux pathology;
  • videoendoscopy with vital staining to identify Barrett esophageal lesions, early cancers;
  • Endoscopic expansions of strictured esophageal lesions;
  • Introduce protocols of neoadjuvant therapy in esophageal squamous cell cancer surgery in association with the Oncological Institute, Bucharest "Prof.dr.A.Trestioreanu" (radio-preoperative chemotherapy).
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  • Esophageal manometry
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Esophageal-Gastric Junction Adenocarcinoma
  • Esophagectomy
  • Colon Cancer
  • Esophageal Motility Disorders
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