Discipline - Surgery - Clinical Hospital Dr.I. Cantacuzino

Professor Patrascu Traian, PhD tenured
Associate Professor Doran Horia, PhD tenured
Lecturer Catrina Eduard-Lucian, PhD tenured
Lecturer Mihalache Octavian, PhD tenured
Lecturer Bobirca Florin-Teodor, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Vilcu Mihaela-Emanuela, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Mustatea Petronel, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Agache Alexandra, PhD fixed term
Assistant Professor Georgescu Dragos Eugen, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Mosoia Plaviciosu Liviu, PhD tenured

The Surgery Clinic, bearing the name of prof. Ion Juvara, has:

  • 72 beds
  • 3500 patients/year
  • 3200 surgical interventions/year

Priority areas of activity: open and laparoscopic surgery of the digestive tract; surgery of extrahepatic biliary ducts, open and laparoscopic; surgery of the liver and pancreas; surgery of the retroperitoneal space; abdominal wall; surgery of diaphragmatic defects; ano-perineal region pathology surgery; breast surgery; thymus open and thoracoscopic surgery; thyroid and adrenal gland surgery; diabetic patients surgery, oncology surgery targeting the mammary gland; the digestive tract; genitalia and retroperitoneal organs; vascular surgery

Amenities: Multifunctional operating tables, radiolucencies; Performance light sources; Central vacuum system; Modern Electrosurgical Units;Celioscopy on four lines with all the necessary annexes; Diagnostic and interventional endoscopy line for the stomach, duodenum, pancreas and biliary tract; Portable devices for intraoperative radiology; Intraoperative ultrasound; rigid Coledoscope

The research activity in the clinic targeting multiple areas, resulting in the development of theses, articles in journals and papers at national and international scientific meetings.

Only in 2015 were completed and sustained seven doctoral thesis under the direction of Professor Traian Patrascu, head of discipline, areas addressed being: approach of multidisciplinary therapeutic management of patients with diabetic foot issues, surgical aspects of initiation and management of the program of peritoneal dialysis, emergency surgery of the elderly, minimally invasive and classical resolution of parietal defects,aspects of abdominal surgical pathology resulting from self-aggression.

Surgical pathology of diabetes patients is an area where the clinic "I.Juvara" has considerable experience, the result of collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases "N.Paulescu". The result of scientific research has a vast clinical material that materialized in two monographs:

  • "Characteristics of surgery in diabetics", the second edition, edited by Traian Patrascu, Horia Doran, published in 2016
  • "Acute abdominal disorders in diabetic patients," Horia Doran, Traian Patrascu, published in 2012

Also, every year, the clinic appeared in the magazine "Surgery" and other publications CNCSIS B +, with 3-4 specialty items, and at national congresses and conferences with 10-12 oral communications, video and posters . Connection to European requirements and scientific level was achieved through constant participation in the last 4-5 years, the European Congress, each year presenting scientific papers.

Clinic prestige recognition has resulted in election of the head of discipline, Prof.univ.dr.Traian Patrascu, the management of several national scientific societies - President of the Romanian Association of Endoscopic Surgery, President of the Romanian Society of Coloproctology, general secretary of the Romanian Society of Surgery (4 seats) and currently elected President of the Romanian Society of Surgery.

Interdisciplinary collaboration was materialized through research projects conducted in collaboration with the Department of Internal Medicine and is now running several grants.

Educational work is the "raison d'Aatre" of each clinic. Thus, the preparation is performed with 3 sets of students, belonging to the fourth and fifth years, annually. For this, teachers have actively participated,in several chapters, with the drafting of the training manual and practical work, of the department. 8-10 Graduation papers were developed under the guidance and coordination of the clinic staff every year.

Clinical training is done both in general surgery residents and those from other surgical specialty stages following surgery. Added to this is the support of courses within the unitary theoretical program for residents of surgery since year I.

The clinical staff constantly participates in UMF exams and competitions organized for all levels (admission, license, residency, specialist of mayor, PhD admission competitions for posts in UMF).

The structure of the training program is the following:

1st year of doctoral studies includes the following modules:

  • 5 compulsory modules: Research methodology and research project management, scientific research legislation in Romania, research ethics, biostatistics and pedagogy;
  • 2 optional modules (intellectual property, ethics research on laboratory animals);

First year ends by presenting a research project in front of the doctoral supervisor and a committee consisting of two other members in the months of October and November.

Those who will get a very good rating to "research project" - will pass in the second year. Those who will not get a good grade - can repeat the exam supporting the project over a month. Those who fail to get a good grade to that second examination - are considered rejected and will receive a certificate for conducting the first year of doctoral studies. It is considered unfinished doctorate and ends at the moment of performance.

2nd year consists of the development of the research plan, setting goals, improving the methodology, recruiting the study group and presenting a scientific report on a theme derived from the work.

3rd year consists of further recruitment and analysis of curriculum, the development of the statistical apparatus, monitoring established literature on the subject and presenting a scientific report on a theme derived from the work.

4th year is the year of drafting, completion and submission of the thesis.

  • Diabetic patient surgery
  • Surgery of diaphragmatic defects
  • Abdominal wall surgery
  • Surgery of the retroperitoneal space
  • Gastrointestinal oncological surgery
  • Hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Collaboration with the Center EUSTAR100 (EULAR Scleroderma Trials And Research)
  • "Developing a videocapilaroscopic score for longitudinal tracking patients with systemic scleroderma" PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-15899, in collaboration with the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology
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