Discipline - Clinical Department Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery - Elias Emergency University Hospital

Professor Sinescu-Baltateanu Ruxandra-Diana, PhD tenured
Assistant Professor Ghiurco Ioana, PhD fixed term

The Clinical Department of Plastic and Esthetic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery was founded in October 2011 and carries out its activities in the General Surgery Clinic of the Elias Emergency University Hospital, Bucharest.

This department deals with a wide range of acute pathologies – facial trauma, upper limb trauma, thermal wounds, cutaneous and soft tissue infections, as well as chronic disorders- surgery of the hand, microsurgery of peripheral nerves, tumoral pathology of skin and soft tissues, paralyses of the brachial plexus, facial reconstructive surgery, breast reconstruction, reconstructive surgery of the thorax, abdomen and limbs, cicatricial and post-combustion sequelae.

In addition to monodisciplinary interventions, there are also interventions for complex pathologies, in pluridisciplinary teams with different specialties: Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology, and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Aside from working in the unit, doctors in the department also perform activities in specialty ambulatory clinics, in the Elias Hospital Polyclinic.

Teaching activity by holding practicums and lectures for the 6th year students of UMF "Carol Davila" and conference-lectures both for Plastic Surgery residents and other specialists in training (as part of compulsory modules of the residency curriculum), as well as active involvement of the residents in medical practice (participating in surgeries, managing clinical cases).

Helping students prepare for their licentiate theses and providing PhD candidates access to the clinic’s infrastructure, in order to write their doctorate theses.

The lectures and practicums approach the following topics:

  1. Introductory notions about plastic surgery;
  2. Principles of microsurgery;
  3. Physiological and Pathological cicatrisation;
  4. Surgery of the hand;
  5. Traumata of the hand;
  6. Soft tissue infections;
  7. Burns;
  8. Skin and soft tissue tumors;

Lectures held:

  • Peripheral nerve compression syndromes: 04.11-08.11.2014 Department of Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery – "Elias" Emergency University Hospital
  • Introduction to vascular and nervous microsurgery: 10.02-14.02.2015 Department of Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery – "Elias" Emergency University Hospital
  • Skin and soft tissue tumors: 17.03-21.03.2015 Department of Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery – "Elias" Emergency University Hospital
  • Actualities in breast reconstruction: 19.05-23.05.2015 Department of Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery – "Elias" Emergency University Hospital

N.B.: Lectures intended for Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Surgery residents and specialists, as well as residents and specialists of similar specialties (8 hours theory, 16 hours practical demonstration).

Proposals for the future:

  • facial reconstruction procedures;
  • emergency therapeutic protocol for burns;
  • facial paralysis and smile reconstruction;
  • brachial plexus lesions;
  • notions of hand surgery;
  • surgical body remodeling;
  • Post-mastectomy mammary reconstruction;
  • Malignant melanoma immunogenetics;
  • Surgical pathology of peripheral nerves
  • Immunogenetic approach of malignant melanoma prognosis, Ruxandra Sinescu
  • Mammary reconstruction after mastectomy: possibilities and limits, Diana Alexe, Ruxandra Sinescu
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