Dr. George Jinescu- Project Manager
Dr. Nicolae Bacalbasa- University Assistant
Mihaela Ban- Altele Studii Superioare, project member
Dr. Evtodiev Andra- resident physician, project member
Dr. Marin Iulia Adelina- resident physician, project member

Project code: COFUND-MANUNET III-MedIn-3
Contract number: 35
Project title: New functionalized medical devices for surgical interventions in the pelvic cavity
Project acronym: MedIn
Domain: 4 - Eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials

The incidence of cancer of all kinds is growing all over the world, and thereby the number of surgical interventions in the field of oncological surgery records a continuous growth year after year. In some cases, the complete resection of one or more organic structures (rectum, uterus, ovaries, and bladder) from the pelvis is required. These surgical interventions, called pelvic exenteration or evisceration, are associated with a high postoperative morbidity and mortality. One of the complications is related to occlusions and fistulas, when the intestinal loops adhere to the perineal plain. The pelvic prosthesis developed in MedIn project will be designed to fill the empty excavation, support the intestinal loops and prevent any inflammatory phenomena caused by the adherence of perineal tissue. Other complications which may occur after pelvic exenterations refer to overall infectious, hemorrhagic complications, surgical infections. In general, wound infection associated with pelvic exenterations is reported to be as high as 40%. This remained and unmet need will be covered through the innovative oxygenated wound dressing that will be developed within the scope of this project.

Project objective:
In order to accomplish the ambitious and novel objectives, the MedIn project is divided into 5 subgoals:

  1. Produce tailormade and biocompatible nanocellulose from wood, for prosthesis and postoperative wound dressing.
  2. Functionalize medical devices with novel oxytechnology
  3. Develop novel biocompounds for 3D printing of biocompatible prosthesis
  4. Develop optimized 3D printing technology for efficient manufacturing of prosthesis
  5. Develop and test prosthesis prototypes in relevant environments.

Estimated results:
The MedIn project will contribute to developing a new generation of 3D printed prosthesis and wound dressings for surgical interventions in the pelvic cavity, with clear benefits for patients and to society. There is no such prosthesis patented or marketed, to be used in postoncological interventions, to prevent the organ prolapse.
A proper exploitation strategy will be elaborated based on SMEs commercialization/valorization potential, in order to reach the full potential of the research results and to create impact on both Norwegian and Romanian societies.
This exploitation will support the economic development in both countries. Based on a close cooperation, the potential scientific articles, and intellectual property resulting from this project, will accelerate the creation of additional scientific projects also beyond the project period, due to its highly innovative character. The developed technologies will be effectively exploited by developing two innovative products, oxygenated pelvic prosthesis and postoperative oxygenated wound dressing, with major economical and societal potential.
Through this project, the technological cooperation between SME companies, research institutes and academia will be stimulated and sustainable results are expected, with a potentially significant market impact.

Contract beginning date: 01/02/2018
Contract end date: 31/12/2019
Project duration [months]: 23

Contract amounts:
Total value fom budget: 45.500,00 [RON]; 10.000,00 [EUR]
Total value from European Commission
: 136.500,00 [RON]; 30.000,00 [EUR]
Total value of the Contract: 182.000,00 [RON]; 40.000,00  [EUR]